nobody wouldn't see good things

by Lemon Meringue Die

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about all the good parts of boyhood like skimboarding and shooting blowdarts on a torn achilles

legs is a mashup of a boner spaghetti and lidel aslan song

was going to cover where is my tarp? at the end but the original was way better so i just used that one

hope you love it


released August 17, 2015

video for shitty double kickflips:

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all rights reserved


Lemon Meringue Die Boston, Massachusetts


bonus singing and artwork by sister

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Track Name: BOYSUGAR
saw you pooling up in the sand
the parents of the proudest little kid
who swam through the salt
i’ll throw you the crab to your rock
remember the time
all head in the bottom of your neck
on your roof i fell into a tidepool in your hand
and never felt salt
only sugar on the back of my small arm
turning my old bedroom into spirt ballrooms
and what were you listening to
when your blood’s algae bloomed
the cops came too late
your body’s a fragile name
charlotte spelled dane
Track Name: NEWT, NO BODY
front flips with snow in your boots
you’re riding saplings looking real newt
tall boy pond hair you broke my thumb
airheads extremes i see your shorts in the mud
we moved away and hardly talk
you said it's like drawing shapes with stubby chalk
don’t know what i’d do if i left my room
cause i’m never this happy
and she’d really really really like you
do you like me too?
if i'm freaked out by bodies
three of us could be pals
skipping rocks running around
and climb really tall tress
been tapping on the glass
with the back of my hand
and her head is turning
can we split a sobe
my mountain dew tall boy
i’m not sure what i am
do you think that we got that bad?
you wanted to die but
that’d let the world win
do you feel like you’re a part of it?
spent new years in brookyln
day dreaming for most of it
didn’t feel like i was part of it
been a whole year since you left
not really sure how i’ve been
your body survived but that’s about it
can’t really tell who’s who
projecting her on you
i gave you head cause that’s what friends do
crack open a sunkist start to feel like i exist
i’m trying to feel like some small part of it
when your gills are all feathered well i couldn't imagine something better
Track Name: LEGS
so when you use your water gun don’t aim it at my face
cause it’ll drip down
you know just how sticky things can get around here
so when you use your water gun don’t fill it up
with root beer floats or anything
take the beehive and smash it in your face
and let the honeycombs drip down your legs
i can be a dead girl if i want
and i can make you sweat with my feminine charm
and you could make me give up other girls for boys
but there's no need there cause i'm yours
it comes off so slowly color of your blood
flashed purple to green cause you're growing up
i never really knew that you're the best part about having legs
you are such a better version of you
when you’re just a cool cennipede in my room
i guess you never did anything that bad
but you’ll still never be my boyfriend
the beaver’s still warm in your hand
and as the rats scurry beneath this bed
keep sucking this headache out of my neck
in our underwear talking bout suicide
we’re both queer cute smart and our risks are so prime
i’ll hold my breath while you take opiates
if you o.d. then we can’t k.i.s.s.
and your dad walked in with that angry smile
said hey baby what’s that in your eyes
and he came out like a different man
said hey daniel you can’t feel your hands
and i’m a fuckin idiot
come get close to me so i can push you away
lazy and vain as shit
i spend all day tryna find people who are just like me
but i am the cennipede
cool to look at for just a sec and then get bugged out
Track Name: SYRUP
shouting your name where you can’t hear
in the bottom of ponds
but if you did
swim to dream recreations of islands
where i know all the gems under the sand
tracing your name into every friend
gooiest places that i’ve been
rubies covered in syrup i'm squishing em in our hands
spirit sleepover in my head
baddest thing you ever did
sour gummy worm spit
coughing it into a goddamn boy genius
well if you could hear me through parts of a pond that were stringed together
shout your name underwater and you would feel it
Track Name: SHITBABY
i used to live in the murky recesses of you
now your chemicals are getting crooked again
just want to hit reset and have you be okay again
you said i hate me but i love you and i love you and i love you too
you said i hate me but i love you and i love you and i love you too
you’re so fucked when you’re drunk i don’t know why i still drink much
haven’t done that in three months since i moved off the roof of my friends
and i miss my friends maybe just those that i know best
wanna tell them i love them without having to talk to them
your dads on the phone with the hospital where your mom is getting sober
wipe your nose on my sleeve the crusty parts scraping on my wrist sang me to sleep
you want help but you know
your shitty double kickflips won’t save you at all
mouth stained with orange soda we climbed radio towers before she went in a coma
gnawed flesh from the peel wasn't addicted to him just the way he made me feel
we’re chasing the highs and hiding from the lows you’re the only thing i know
and is it harder to breathe with all the tubes shoved into your throat (i don’t know)
i know you need a or b but do you want some of my type o (i hope so)
i wanna skate with you one more time (before i wake up)
flashbacks to gap teeth on your bike
Track Name: i would be people who could fly
all head in the bottom of your neck
roof of your room never felt so real
when i couldn't stay awake good
you stayed up making my dreams sound cool
shared fruit with the wildest boys outside
buried your slice behind that rock
wonder how long you'll come up every day
if i'll stay best friends with a dead girl

"i cannot sink into your bed tonight
i have to go
my arms must row

your bed is soft,
your face is sweet,
your gaze is true,
your eyes are blue.
but mine see through.
where oh where,
where lies my tarp tonight?
where lies my moonlight?
where lies my sunrise?
where lies my tarp?

there is a ball of fire above your house
you squirm and coo
im petting you
but there is a ball of fire inside my chest
im a mirror moon
youre a black lagoon
im a birch canoe
im a wind that blew
im a migrating moose
on the prairie, loose" - mount eerie